Wills & Probate

Mario and Bean Legal Services’ will and probate lawyers offer an array of legal estate planning services designed to provide for your death or for an illness or injury that could incapacitate you or your spouse during your lifetime.

For surviving loved ones, probate law can be very complicated and time-consuming in cases where one dies without a will and has significant property holdings. However, in cases in which there is a will, the process can be straight-forward.

Mario and Bean Legal Services can provide:

A will that establishes heirship and how assets will be distributed
A “living will” or medical directive to physicians that outlines what medical measures to be take in the case of a terminal medical condition
A durable power of attorney, which designates someone to your personal affairs if you are not able to
A medical power of attorney enabling a loved one to make medical decisions when you are unable
Trusts and guardianships that name who will care for your minor children (or disabled adults), and provide assets for their future well-being in event of your death
If a will exists, our experienced lawyers can assist in submitting the estate to probate court and carrying out the duties of the executor in settling the estate, such as debt payments and asset distribution.

If there is no will, we can assist the court-designated administrator of the estate, providing guidance through the tedious, sometimes contentious process.

Whatever your will and probate needs may be, we can help you ensure a legally compliant process with optimal efficiency.